Taha Salman

Software Developer / Computer Scientist / Mathematician

What I Do

I am a software developer, but more than that I am a problem solver!
I have skills in multiple areas and some are as follows:

Algorithm Design

A solution to most problems can be found with an algorithm, but not all solutions are equal. I try to come up with the most efficient and optimized algorithms to solve each every problem. So give me a problem, and let us solve it together!

Web Development

In this technological era, we all rely on websites as a medium of information for everything. I am proficient in web development, having used multiple technologies for both backend and frontend development. Let's make a website!

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications are essential for any computer. They provide an organization the flexibility and customization that web applications can sometimes not provide. I can create a customized desktop applications tailored to cater to all your needs.


Sometimes it can be hard to understand new concepts in computer science, especially when being introduced to it for the first time. I offer tutoring services as well to those who require help with certain concepts. Let's hit the books!

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About Me

I have always enjoyed writing. It is a medium through which I can unleash my ideas and let them take shape. Equipped with a pen and paper, I can create entire worlds and end them as I will (on paper of course) with a simple stroke of my pen. It did not take me long to discover how I could translate this desire of mine to create to a new medium - coding. Since then I have come a long way, coding the most random of things to solve the most menial of tasks. Currently, I am a student at McGill University, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics and Cognitive Science. I am available for hire for any of your projects. Let me bring your ideas to life!

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I Got the Skills


Algorithm Design and Optimization


Web Development (Frontend + Backend)


Object Oriented Programming (Java / C# / Python )


Functional Programming

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