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Volunteers for a Smile (V4S) is a student run not-for-profit organization based at McGill University in Montréal, Canada.

We organize social events at hospitals in the Montréal area during various celebrations (i.e. New Year, Halloween, etc.) in order to provide patients with moral support. Our goal is to spread a joyful atmosphere and hopefully be able to put a smile on every patient's face.

We also lead medical missions abroad. We partner up with international volunteer organizations and we send a group of students that we recruit and train to help out during school breaks in different countries every year.


Commitment and engagement are highly valued by Volunteers for a Smile. This organization is composed of a team of active volunteers who seek to positively contribute to the community.


Volunteers for a Smile promotes initiative by encouraging and inspiring the volunteers to participate in a variety of innovative and stimulating projects. We are also very open to projects suggested by our volunteers to better serve the community.


The collective activities proposed by Volunteers for a Smile help to forge, if not reinforce bonds, exchanges and communication between members of the volunteer body; therefore, spreading solidarity and a sense of unity among the community.


Volunteers for a Smile promotes compassion through its goal of contributing to the society's well-being by making the hospitals a better environment for the patients, helping the international community and supporting the underserved youth.


Since Volunteers for a Smile is a non-profit, charitable organization which focuses on the betterment of our community, altruism obviously represents a highly valued quality.


Volunteers for a Smile is dedicated to promote equality within and without the organization. All members and volunteers are part of a safe environment free from discrimination of all kinds.

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Our Team

Aissam Souidi

Founder and Co-President

Fiona Zhao


Michael Bruccoleri

VP Events

Sheri McDowell

VP Fundraising

Anya Vilchez

VP Communications

Sharon Kim

VP Graphics

Oriane Cochard

VP Events

Niloofar K.

Fundraising Committee

Taha Salman


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